Laboratory tests

Laboratory tests

Diagnostic value (10)

When we started our work in the field of prostatitis we prescribed, as other urologists did, Stamey’s four-glass test (1968), that is, we looked for inflammatory cells and microbes in the urine before and after prostate massage.

We do not now prescribe this test even though it is still in widespread use. We opt for the following tests:

  • Urine culture with antibiogram;
  • Sperm culture with antibiogram for common germs, protozoa, mycetes and saprophytes on enriched culture medium;
  • Urethral swab after prostate massage for common pathogens cultured samples, and DNA standardization (using PCR),of Chlamydia,Ureaplasma, Gonococcus,Human Papilloma virus (HPV) and Human Herpes simplex virus (HSV) ;
  • IGG and IGM for Chlamydia and Mycoplasma and antisecretory Iga for Chlamydia.

If we suspect the patient’s partner is infected we also prescribe:

  • Vaginal swab for tests on cultured samples of common bacteria, mycetes and protozoa, and DNA standardization of Chlamidia,Ureaplasma,Gonococcus, HPV and HSV;

If sexual disturbances are present we recommend dosing:

  • total testosterone levels;
  • free testosterone levels;
  • DEHA and DEHAS
  • LH, FSH and Prolactin.

If we suspect infertility is impaired we request:

  • Spermiogram;
  • Nemasperm penetration test;
  • Post Coital Test.